November 8 – February 5

Guest Artist | Laura Gable
Meet the Artist | December 1st | 1pm-4pm

Artist Laura Gable enjoys painting the varied terrain of eastern Washington where she resides—from the undulating shrub-steppe hillsides to the dramatic basalt-lined coulee canyons nearby. Venturing even further, she’s discovered the scenery along the Columbia Gorge and into the nearby Cascade range to be abundant source material for her plein air paintings. Living in a prominent wine growing region, she finds inspiration in the changing colors and patterns of the vineyards. These juxtaposed by the changing colors of sagebrush and chamisa, plus the dramatic cloud laden skies all provide many nuances for her paintings.

November 30 – December 2

Holiday Barrel Tasting | Walla Walla Valley
Open 10am to 5 pm daily

Stop by during the festive and merry Holiday Barrel Tasting weekend.  We will be pouring our exciting new releases, including several wines from The Rocks District.  Also, enjoy our annual display of cheese and chocolate!